harryh (harryh) wrote in brokedowndating,

The Game

Tags: alicetiara, harryh, neill strauss, the game, valentines day
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i was thinking it was the book on which the movie was based. Wrong.
I think it was a neg. You better work on your game! :)

But srsly, I was also thinking "whoa, harry wants everyone to interpret why I got him the book?" that's the kind of stuff girls do.

I'm on my SK so can't write much, but I still don't believe that all those techniques work. Strauss even claims that they work better on smarter women. I'm very suspicious of any dude who appears to be picking up on me and I think all that NLP shit is total bullshit. Unfortunately I've never met a PUA who bothered. One guy tried the "nice nails are they real" line on me but I thought it was a compliment and that threw him off.
I was also thinking...

Mainly I was thinking people would be funny about it. So far all but buster have dissapointed me.
She got you again! I think Alice is a pro at this, haha.
Neil Strauss got dumped by that girl last year. HA HA.
Aren't these people from La-la land? That's the only way I can see this stupid shit working.
Yeah, they're all clubbing type people. I mean they seriously advise wearing light-up jewelry and vinyl pants to attract women.
club going guys are total asshats.

harryh - it's the gift that keeps on giving. alicetiara just wants to make sure you're prepared for any eventuality thrown at you by life.