orangebitch (orangebitch) wrote in brokedowndating,

Say NO to Feminism!

Here's an interesting post about dating from our Russian-speaking friens: - I'll translate.

First, the sign. It says: Feminism will be stopped! The man pays on a date.

I am deeply disturbed by the concept of going Dutch, when a young man invites a young girl for a date, and even when the girl invites a young man on a date, and they either pay separately.

How can one then feel like a man?

Let’s not find more ways of giving women the opportunity to say that men are a dying breed and that the male, the real one, is now among the endangered species.

Not only shall we pay on dates, but will do a few more things that belong to true Men with a capital M.

- Make compliments
- Offer flowers
- Kiss hands
- Give up our seats to ladies (“a simple vulgar woman” needs not to qualify :-)
- Open doors and let women in first
- Carry women across puddles of water
- Drive women back home and accompany to the door
- Carry her bags
- Allow her to kindly refuse our gentleman ways. Maybe she’s a feminist and will get upset if we insist?
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