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Say NO to Feminism!

Here's an interesting post about dating from our Russian-speaking friens: - I'll translate.

First, the sign. It says: Feminism will be stopped! The man pays on a date.

I am deeply disturbed by the concept of going Dutch, when a young man invites a young girl for a date, and even when the girl invites a young man on a date, and they either pay separately.

How can one then feel like a man?

Let’s not find more ways of giving women the opportunity to say that men are a dying breed and that the male, the real one, is now among the endangered species.

Not only shall we pay on dates, but will do a few more things that belong to true Men with a capital M.

- Make compliments
- Offer flowers
- Kiss hands
- Give up our seats to ladies (“a simple vulgar woman” needs not to qualify :-)
- Open doors and let women in first
- Carry women across puddles of water
- Drive women back home and accompany to the door
- Carry her bags
- Allow her to kindly refuse our gentleman ways. Maybe she’s a feminist and will get upset if we insist?
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This has got to be a joke. I mean, what's a "simple vulagar woman" anyway?

Thank God I'm a huge fag.
A "simple vulgar woman" may not have translated well. But it's basically someone who is not a lady.
i'm not sure that makes it anymore clear ;)


12 years ago

"Carry women across puddles of water"

You have got ot be fucking kidding me.

This comes from the same kind of assholes who picked out two little girls from an orphanage and made them pretend they were lesbians and run around in their underwear screamsinging.
Somehow I doubt that the same person who would carry me across a puddle of water would also steal two orphans from a home and make them do a lesbian dance. If he did it would only be because he saw me steal the two girls first and wanted to copy the hot feminist who like to do the lesbian dance.
unfortunately that entire post is not really tongue-in-cheek and is an excellent demonstration of why I generally avoid my erstwhile countrymen and members of the expat community.

If you are referencing TATU, however, they are not from the orphanage.
I'm not sure why it's necessary to resort to a two-dimensional stereotype of a 17th-century upper class European gentleman in order feel like a man. Especially one that has been heavily filtered through cartoons, greeting cards, sitcoms, and commercials. Why is the particular action of paying for a bill related to manliness and being a gentleman when hunting with dogs and smoking cigars in your study while pouring over geological texts isn't (as much)?

Of course, just because I don't buy the stereotype's role in making one feel worthy of his gender doesn't mean that we shouldn't every once in a while be polite and generous. But I think there are plenty more creative ways to the same end, if absolutely necessary.
I think you are completely missing the point of feminism. WOW.

That being said, I think whomever invites someone out for a date should pay- male of female. After you have been dating for awhile it's probably a good idea to switch off treating each other. If paying on a date is your only way to feel like a man... then.. I have no more words.
I kind of don't really think dating and feminism need to intersect. I mean, it's kind of inherently sexist, right? I've dated guys who felt, maybe not this strongly about it, but did almost always pay, and I never thought it was something to even worry about. I'd insist once, they'd insist back, and after about ten dates I wouldn't even bother. And these were not like conservative guys either.
I kind of don't really think dating and feminism need to intersect.

that's pretty much my point... feminism is about equal wages and opportunities, not who pays for dinner! feminism isn't anti-chivalry or anti-men, I hate that steretype.


12 years ago

next date who does not carry me across puddles of water is FIRED. If it has not rained in a while, he may carry me across the street to prove his manliness.
а вкратце не перескажешь мнение иностранцев?
Для начала они поспорили о качестве перевода:-), потом кто-то высказался, что аффтар не понимает принципа фенинизма, типа, он заключается в наличии равных возможностей, а не в том, кто платит за обед. В ответ возразили, что мужчина имеет экономические возможности платить за обед...
Зато mizrobot обещает пристрелить каждого, кто на следующем свидании не перенесет ее через лужи:-).
Еще был интересный пассаж на тему, что мужчиной можно себя чувствовать и охотясь с собаками:-)
For Members of this community: I'm glad to see my post translated, and I enjoyed reading your comments...
mizrobot рулит! 8)))


12 years ago


12 years ago