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Alright so you might not think this is so brokedown, but hear me out: until [relatively] recently I've been with the same woman for a fucking decade, okay? That's 10 years. 10 years of no dating at all, being faithful, getting married, sex waning, interest waning, depression mounting, then getting divorced. My 20's flushed down the terlet. The reason I bring this up is to demonstrate my serious lack of game. I mean it's like so not there. In fact, I don't even know what that concept really is, only that people refer to it and that there's this Doug Liman/Vince Vaughn movie Swingers that attempts to describe it.

Anyway I met someone on Halloween, and we got along great... got her number, called the next week, talked at a club with mutual friends, then made a date for the next week. Date went great (I thought at least), small kiss goodnight at the end, feeling elated, etc. Then, we saw each other again with friends at a club but didn't make plans (she had to work the next day). This week I text her saying I have extra tickets to a show with my friend... but she couldn't go due to something. So I call again yesterday. No answer, so I left a message. But I can't help wondering if she's in to me or not... like I know it's just a day, but no call back or anything. And now I'll feel like an ass if I call again over the next few days. During the date and before I could feel she was interested, but now I dunno.

Advice would be greatly appreciated. She rocks, and I don't want to either be too aloof or too pesky. I mean, I'm 10 years rusty okay? Maybe if you give me some great advice I'll have something truly brokedown to post and laugh at years later. I forgot how agonizing this can be, but shit... it's also pretty fun when I'm not being an OCD retard freak on wheels. And before you say it, NO I am not always that way.
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