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I am doing research on Dating Theories and I had to post this link because it is hell of awesome. Basically the site reads like it was written by an alien doing an ethnographic study on humans. There are also a lot of Visio diagrams.

A good starting point is the (outlined!) Dating Tips section. Another excellent resource is the "Translating English to Love Economics" section. ("We are in love" = "Our net benefits exchange is at equilibrium.")

Break-Up Advice to Reduce Your Risk of Being Dumped

1. Make sure lover's net benefit with you is larger than competing love.
2. Keep lover's search cost for another love high by limiting his/her social network size.
3. Lower lover's attractiveness by undermining his/her financial success.
4. Keep lover's maintenance cost with you lower than competing love.
5. Lower lover's risk of being dumped by confessing your love often.
6. Show commitment using a promise or engagement ring.
7. Become jaded. Grow thick skin and get a heart of stone. Become immune to being dumped.
8. Pursue people who are shy, unattractive, or unwanted.

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